Monday, July 19, 2010


This is my Gundy Year.... So, needing something to mark it I convinced two friends to join me for a Ride Across Indiana. Yup, we started at the state line by Terre Haute, and ended at Earlham College in Richmond. And, it was VERY hot on Saturday. The first 65 miles went great. The next 45 went kind of poorly, with many thought of quitting, what with being right around Indianapolis. The final 50 went... almost easily. I'm not sure how to explain that shift in pedal pressure, but... it was overall .... actually a good time. We finished under 9.5 hours of riding time, so that beat our goal of 10 hours.

With the heat and all the effort, it was an amazing day of consumption. While I didn't track it well, I think I drank somewhere between 500-600 ounces of Gatorade and water. Oddly, while we ate lots of food all through the five official (along with 3 other unofficial) stops, at the end of it, food wasn't a huge priority. Maybe I was frustrated that RAIN was followed by a WAEC - Walk Across Earlham College to get to the fitness center showers. Anyhow, one Chipotle burrito before we left Richmond, and on to bed.

Sunday? Sunday was a completely different story. The grazing was ON....! Cook out at some friends' led to large consumption, along with a guilt-free Five Guys visit last night.

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