Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Product Review: Lara Bar

Summer brings on a fair bit of biking for me. And, this year, I've had some goals around a really long ride, but we'll see if my training allows me to hit that goal. Anyhow, since it is hard to carry a cheeseburger in a bike jersey, I'm often searching for something to eat on a long ride.

The original Power Bars are just not something I can stomach. I do like most varieties of Clif Bars, though, and especially like dried fruit flavors like the apricot. But, the LARABAR is likely my new favorite.

I've seen this in several places now, but first found them at the old Wild Oats location in Nora that is now a Whole Foods. LARABAR no longer says it is "raw", but they apparently are not cooked. They are full of lots of nuts and dried fruit, and yet they usually maintain a higher moisture content than the other really dry, fiberous sport bars out there. Cherry Pie is by far my favorite flavor. Lots of good carbs, digests easily, and some protien to help prevent your muscles from breaking down too much on a long workout.

The verdict: 4.5 belly rubs (out of 5) - of course we're grading on an exercise-based curve. In any other situation, lay this next to a Snickers and there's no contest I go for the processed sugar bar.

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