Thursday, July 29, 2010

All Hail the Batali!

You know what this is? Well, besides a weak photographic effort, it is one the best sandwiches you can find in Indianapolis. It is the Batali sandwich from Goose the Market.

It is just a great coalescing of flavors in this sandwich. And, I can personally testify it is NOT something you should try to eat while driving. But, since it comes toasted, it was sitting there, taunting me with its lusciousness, so.... I gave in.... and, I returned to the office with a stain on my shirt - guilty of gluttony.

I can't say anything new about Goose that you shouldn't already know. But, it is a neat shop. We don't have the funds to shop from here all the time, but there are some especially fantastic items in the cured meats case. And that bacon.... boys oh boys.... The Better Half signed us up for 3 months of Goose's Bacon of the Month club, and I so looked forward to each month's selection. We also got a special gift upon joining of some bacon brittle, and that is something that should sell all the time! Butter and Bacon! Yum! The only downside to the club was that the t-shirt wasn't humorous or ironic. Oh well, a minor complaint.


Leslie said...

uh... what's in the sandwich?

Indy Grub Review said...

Oh, sorry about that..... I had linked to a MetroMix write-up on the sandwich....

It has coppa (ham), soppressata (salami), capocolla (more ham), tomato preserves, marinated onion, mayo and lettuce