Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chain-O-Rama: Rally's Bacon Champ

Man, what a mess.

Stopped through the local Rallys for dinner on the road as we've been way too busy on house stuff in the evenings. I do like Rallys burger, and when they first came on the scene I was a big fan of their seasoned fries. Anyhow, if it is dinner from a sack, I figured I might as well at least try something new. And, behold, Rallys has the Bacon Champs available in three flavors - firecracker, maple and pepper.

So, I ordered the maple. And, as soon as the words came out of my mouth, the thought "this will be too sweet" rattled through my brain. But, it has bacon, so it was worth the try.

Now, it is pretty obvious bacon has been riding a pretty long ride as a food trend. It seems predictable that on almost any episode of a food contest, the person that uses pork belly often wins. But, as a person that just loves good food and kind of gets annoyed by food trends, I sort of wonder - when did bacon ever go out of style? I mean, bacon on a burger is just one of the best combo's ever. I mean, I even fondly remember that odd bacon disk that McDonald's put on the Arch Deluxe. [And, as a bonus, there is this fun old commercial for the McDLT]

Anyhow, tried this burger. It truly was a mess. The bacon texture was inconsistent, likely owing to being microwaved before hastily being slapped on the pile. The sauce was just way too sweet. The mix of sweet and salty is appealing, but this boat was sinking in a sea of sweet sauce. The burger seemed dull and lifeless beneath all that sauce. And, as it has been a long time since Id' been to Rally, I was at least looking to the fries. These seasoned fries reminded me far too much of fried chicken. Not good.

Rallys has some decent, cheap offerings. Skip the Bacon Champ and stick to the Big Buford.

The verdict: 0.5 belly rubs (out of 5)

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