Saturday, July 3, 2010

Independence Day Weekend Treat: BRICS

Hope everyone has a wonderful and patriotic Independence Day weekend. With beautiful weather, and a day full of physical labor behind us, the Better Half and I went to pick up my bike from the Bike Line in Broad Ripple (a water bottle into the rear wheel on Thursday led to a bent spoke - luckily nothing worse) then walked down the Monon to try BRICS, the new Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station. The shaved ice stand on the Monon is nice, but it sure has seemed like an obvious step to have an ice cream shop here.

They've done a great job of rehabbing what I believe used to be the Broad Ripple Station. It is a nice, warm, trendy spot. The Better Half was particularly impressed by the tile, what with our thoughts going towards a kitchen remodel. Talking to the scooper (is that a proper job title?), we found out they don't make their own ice cream, but it is from Sherman's Dairy Bar up on Lake Michigan in South Haven. I've never tried this ice cream before, but it was quite tasty.

And, the portions were enormous. I guess I should have asked if a "1 scoop" can consist of two flavors..... so, while the Better Half tried the Grasshopper, I had the Banana Nut and the Chocolate Peanut Butter. The Grasshopper wasn't very minty, but the Banana Nut had candied walnuts (wait, maybe they were pecans...?) and was quite tasty.

We spent $9 on the 3 scoops, but... the portions are huge. Yes, you could definitely get a better value from the grocery store. But, there is something about sitting outside on a patio, on a warm, pleasant day, and just indulging in some good ice cream.

Welcome, BRICS, I hope you stay around.

The verdict: 4 belly rubs (out of 5) - summer and ice cream, what a pairing.

Oh, and from BRICS' "about" page, it looks like at least one of the owners is from Indy's famous Vonnegut family - most famous for Kurt the author, whose family had the old Vonnegut Hardware store downtown.

And, for what its worth, I really prefer Matthews Bicycles out on Pendleton Pike for repairs and as an overall bike shop. Great selection there, too, with a load of bikes upstairs. Great service shop and very friendly, and knowledgeable staff. Its right next to a King's Ribs, too!


Pat said...

FYI, you can definitely split 1 scoop into 2 different flavors - the wife and I have done it many times.

Indy Grub Review said...

Thanks for the tip!