Friday, May 21, 2010

Sky City Cafe - Eiteljorg Museum

This is a slightly odd week. With it being the Better Half's birthday this week, dining destinations have been a bit more on the froofy side of life. Anyhow, for a mid week treat, we met up for lunch with Mom for a quick birthday lunch. We picked up the Better Half from her office, and parked at the White River Park garage that is for the NCAA Hall of Champions, Indiana State Museum and the Eiteljorg Museum.

The Eiteljorg is a neat local attraction. It is a private museum focusing on Native American art and art of the American West. I've really enjoyed some travelling exhibits there in the last several years, including a show of Ansel Adam's photography and some Dale Chihuly glass work. The restaurant at the Eiteljorg is Sky City Cafe. It's not quite a Wolfgang Puck joint, but it isn't an Aramark institution either.

I had the "pick two" special, with half of a San Antonio Smoke Turkey sandwich and a cup of the Anasazi pork and bean soup. Better half had a grilled chicken sandwich, Mom had a quesadilla with a cup of buffalo chili. Nothing was really remarkable, but it was all pretty tasty. The soups come with an enormous block of cornbread that was moist and had what I believe was green chilis in it. The biggest flaw was that for both of the sandwiches, the bread was just too dense and overwhelming. I had to go open-faced with the sandwich cause it was too much chewing, and the Better Half ditched the bread entirely for the second half of her sandwich. The high note was the pork and bean soup. It was maybe a bit too salty, but it was a great soup, with some really nice flavoring and big chunks of pork, which were lean and not fatty at all. If I was on a wagon train out west, this soup would be a very welcome treat of a meal.

The prices are not bad, maybe a dollar more than what you'd pay for a similar portion of food at Panera.

The verdict: 2.5 belly rubs (out of 5). Nothing spectacular, but tasty nonetheless. I would recommend some new bread selections, though.

Tip: if you eat at the Sky City Cafe, you can take your receipt to the ticket desk and get your parking for free if you park in the White River Park parking garage.

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