Friday, May 28, 2010

Chain-o-rama: Grand Traverse Pie Company

I've seen and been to other Grand Traverse Pie Company's. Stopped at the one in Terre Haute a few times, and also stopped in up in Michigan as I sometimes visit our office there. I mean, it's pie. Pie is good. Cake is also good. Pie v. cake... man, that's a debate for another day....

Anyhow, 2 GT Pie locations have made their way to Indy. One in Greenwood and one up on Michigan Road by 465. From noticing the Star's pie contest (today is entry deadline), and with it being rhubarb season.... I had a hankering for some pie.... grabbed a strawberry rhubarb and took it home.

Rhubarb is kind of a comfort food to me. And, i love the mix of tart and sweet. This is a good pie, though I wouldn't necessarily say the crust is great. I've had a slice a day for 3 days now, and it is showing its aging process a lot, as there is noticeable taste degradation across those three days. Some pies get better by sitting in the fridge, this one does not. And, I'm not sure it is much better than ones you could buy at lots of local bakeries or even grocery stores. But, it is definitely tasty, and can fix your pie craving.

Now, I haven't eaten at the local GT Pie's yet. From my past times, it is just a lot like a Panera or a Paradise Cafe, with their shtick being pie instead of other baked goods like Panera or Pardises's cookies. I really recommend the Lake Shore Berry at GT, but most seem to be good. One thing I would NOT recommend at GT Pie is that cole slaw. Worst ever. I'm still not sure what they're trying to accomplish with that stuff, but I'd pass on it I were you.

The verdict: 3.5 belly rubs (out of 5). Tasty pie, especially when fresh. Decent sandwiches, avoid the cole slaw.
Anyone have any recommendations for fresh, seasonal pies in town? And, yes, I also feel that a Wick's sugar cream is always in season....!

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Tucan Samantha said...

I also love GT, but I have to disagree about the slaw- love it! But I understand not liking it- it is very vinegar-y (if that is a word). Their creme pies and sandwiches are great too!