Monday, May 17, 2010

The Donut Shop

Ah, the Donut Shop. Such a simple, direct, clear name - how can you not appreciate that? Now, the odd thing is that The Donut Shop obviously serves a lot more than donuts, but I've only stopped there for donuts. It is at 55th and Keystone, near Glendale.

Donuts are nostalgic and comforting for the Indy Grub Review. Growing up in Denver, I have fond memories of going to a Winchell's Donuts with my dad and sitting at the counter. I remember in particular thinking it was so cool that my dad left a seemingly generous tip after he and I had a donut and something to drink at the counter. My dad always got a cake donut. Indy Grub Review prefers a yeast donut.

Now, everyone knows that Long's Donuts has such a well earned place of notoriety in Indy for donuts, and they're great there. But, my favorite donut is a boston cream, and The Donut Shop has the best, in my opinion.

Indy Grub Review has some tiny spot on the fringe of the local art scene, so I picked up some donuts before heading over to the Broad Ripple Art Fair for the day. And, yes, by the picture, I'm ready to go with that boston cream in the car.... anyhow, what I love most about the donuts from The Donut Shop is the frosting. It isn't the soft frosting like on a cake, but it must be the sugar content that is at one crystallized, but once it hits your tongue it melts and is so sweet. I assume the pudding in the boston cream is just from a can, but it is a great mix with the donut. Big ups for the chocolate dip and the maple dip as well. It's just $5.49 for a dozen, and it is far faster of a line than over at Long's.

Bottom line, the boston cream is 5 belly rubs (out of 5). Overall, 4.5 belly rubs (out of 5).

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