Friday, May 14, 2010

Product review - Pretzel M&M's

Last night, the Better Half and I went to Target. We divided to conquer... which just means I went and wandered around looking at stuff and wondered where the "ch" sound comes from in the word spatula.....

Anyhow, I noticed a new M&M flavor that I hadn't tried before. Pretzel. So, a bag jumped into my hand and was added to our purchases.

First off, let's set the table. If there is any candy I purchase from a vending machine, it is most commonly peanut M&M's (followed closely by a good old Snicker's bar). Also, previous to this product test, I'd have rated my M&M preference as follows:
  1. Almond
  2. Peanut
  3. Plain (milk chocolate)
  4. Mint
  5. Plain (dark chocolate)
  6. Crispy
  7. Peanut butter
Is there a bad M&M? I'd say no. Did I try the limited edition Strawberried Peanut Butter? Yes. Was it bad? Almost. I've missed out on some of the limited edition flavors, but the wiki page tells me that coconut is still out there, and so I'll have to try them soon.

So, back to the new pretzel m&m's.

They're perfectly round, kind of like a whopper, but with a colorful protective coating, of course. The first bite is.... jarring.... I mean, the first bite felt like a mistake. You get the explosion through the pretzel, and it feels dry and powdery. It is one of the reason's why I don't care for the crispy m&m's. Anyhow, you keep chewing and the salt and the taste of the pretzel soon hits your tongue, and it is enjoyable, but you're still kind of confused by the dry explosion that happened between your molars. But, you persevere and you have a few more. And, immediately, my feeling was... "meh". Okay, not so great. Off I went to the YMCA, and figured I'd do more testing later. When I returned, I returned to the arduous task of taste testing.

Now, on the second try, once you know what to expect, a strange transformation happened. I was ready for the dryness and was now able to really enjoy the salt with the chocolate. In fact, it is very pleasing. Does it jump way up on my list? No, but it likely would come before the plain dark chocolate.

The verdict: 3.5 belly rugs (out of 5)

Now, if i had one suggestion for the people at Mars, Inc., I'd say they might go whole hog and kind of make an m&m out of the peanut butter filled pretzels you can find in various places. Or, you know, cross promote with Ben & Jerry's and have a Chubby Hubby M&M - have a jawbreaker sized m&m with one of those peanut butter filled pretzels within the chocolate and candy coatings.

And, while we're daring to dream - with the bacon rage, how about a limited edition set of bacon m&m's????

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Nick said...

Rather than track down the coconut M&Ms, I would highly recommend the new-ish Almond Joy pieces. They're absolutely fantastic. :D