Friday, May 21, 2010

Product review: Ben & Jerry's Boston Cream Pie

So, another pint of a new Ben & Jerry's flavor found its way into the basket while at the former O'Malias downtown....

I do love a boston cream donut, but am not as enthusiastic about the pie. I wondered how they'd pull off the pudding in an ice cream. And, I had more than a feeling I'd not be in love with this one....

I have only tried this ice cream once... tho a lover of ice cream, the rest of the pint sits in the freezer, with no real threat of being consumed any time soon. Is it bad? No. It's just not that good. First off, the ice cream is really yellowy. And, I don't find it a very appetizing color. But, like playing through the pain, you have to be willing to eat through something as insignificant as color. Nevertheless, this ice cream just never hit a high note. The pudding is obvious in the ice cream, and I'm not sure what type of food chemistry magic pulls that off... the cakey bits are there for some texture variety. It wasn't truly mealy, but.... it wasn't smooth either. One big flaw was that there was not a lot of chocolate in this ice cream. Ultimately, it was just flawed. I want ice cream to feel like a real treat, a real indulgence. This was neither.

The verdict: 1.5 belly rubs (out of 5)

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