Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Complaint: Mongolian BBQ's

Is it just me or does anyone else struggle with the popularity of Mongolian bbq's? Yes, they were kind of cool and sort of fun about 15 years ago. But, why do they stay in business? I definitely don't go out to do my own cooking. And, yes, I know you don't do your own cooking at a Mongolian BBQ, I also am not very interested in having my collection of stir fried items mixed and mingled in with so many other people's food on that gigantic griddle.

Oh, I know, I have no idea what happens to my food behind the kitchen doors, but.... while I get that there is something nice about hand selecting what goes into a stir fry, why is it up to me to determine exactly how much sauce and oil will be part of my food? Yes, even if there are flavor recipe cards available. And, how much flavor transfer happens through those metal yard sticks that act as the frying utensils? Did I really want some peanut sauce and shell fish in with my teriyaki beef? No. No, I did not.

So, out with the sales person I was travelling with, and he wants to go to the Mongolian BBQ that was right next to our hotel. Blah. Is there volume? Sure. Can I scrap a bowl if I don't enjoy it? Definitely. It is good grub? No, definitely not.


wibia said...

100% agree. If they were a closed door kitchen, they would be out of business based on their food alone.

Counterpoint, it is the hospitality business and there is an experience attached to it. People like that experience, hence why they are still in business. When Eddie Met Salad is a salad bar where people make your salad for you. Wendy’s blew up in the 70’s because they moved their toppings bar in the dining room instead of in the kitchen. Dominos said you will get a pizza in 30 minutes… no one cared how good the pizza actually was!

Point being… there will always be restaurants/companies that offer the same end product, but change the delivery system.

Indy Grub Review said...

Good point on the experience.... which then brings us to Papa Murphy's... when I want low-to-mid level pizza, I want it hot and ready when I pick it up... i expect someone to cook it for me. I don't really understand the interest in stopping in to a specialty store to then take it home and have to wait for it to bake....