Monday, October 4, 2010

USA Today's Best Burger's by State

I am old enough to remember when USA Today first started publishing, and I was definitely old enough to read. It seems like USA Today has always been creating lists, and I think they really helped unearth a lot of male fascination with lists, especially sports lists that you can argue about (My personal top 3 QB's of all time: 1. Elway 2. Manning 3. Montana). Anyhow, Friday's edition had a list of the top hamburgers by state.

Now, I'm not sure how you can pick the best hamburgers in a major metropolis, much less for the whole nation, but... again, the point of their lists never really seems to be about being the authoritative list so much as just being a conversational starter and reason for discussion.

As a proud Boilermaker, I just think it is cool that the Triple XXX Family Restaurant was named for Indiana.

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