Friday, October 15, 2010

Gigi's Cupcakes review

I don't know if every cupcake shop in town deserves a review, but... I dropped in at Gigi's Cupcakes over across the street from the Keystone at the Crossing mall on 86th street. It is next to a McAllister's Deli, so if you want to chase down a sandwich with a sugar bomb, you're all set.

Gigi's is a chain, which I didn't realize till I asked them. You can read the owner's story on the web site. Looks like the corporate center might control the daily flavors, too, which is kind of interesting. I assume they allow for regional favorites... like, if Indy was totally into lemon-mustardseed cupcakes with blueberry-salted-carmel, I sure hope they'd serve them often.

What stands out about these cupcakes is the sizable tower of frosting. I am all for a higher frosting-to-cake ratio, but... Gigi seems to have outdone herself with these and actually given you more frosting than even seems reasonable. Hunka Chunka Banana Love is interesting, and I'd likely go back for the Kentucky Bourbon Pie.

Ultimately, sure, they're tasty cupcakes. But, I just like the Flying Cupcake so much more. Even in the style of the store (this place seems so... corporately blingy, if that makes sense).... and, while I'm not anti-chain, for a cupcake, I'd prefer to push the local alternative rather than the chain.

In other news.... the combover abides!

And, this is one of the silliest early 80s music videos I've seen.... I barely remember it... I watched it all the way through, wondering if they'd keep up with the 16 screens... and, they do!... And, they have such obvious linkage of lyric to image that I wondered if I did this in 8th grade.....

Have a good weekend!

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