Thursday, October 21, 2010

Miller's Pizza & Sub Shop review

Out on an errand one lunch time, and I figured I'd stop in at The Sandwich Machine over on NE Pendleton Pike (just a bit west of Post Road). When I was a teen and into my first couple of years in college, I worked in construction related jobs in Lawrence-McCordsville-Fortville, and the Sandwich Machine was a favorite. However, one really bad online review had me worried, and when I went by at lunch and couldn't actually tell if it was open... well...... I went about a half mile back to the SW and stopped in for a maiden visit to Miller's Pizza & Sub Shop.
Miller's is a very clean shop, impressively so. The site says the shop has been open since 2002 (and, apparently, the original owners are now back), so it seems the cleanliness is a matter of process discipline and attention to detail, not newness of the shop. That's a good thing.

Miller's has a pizza buffet at lunch. Pizza was not in my mind, but... hey, a pizza buffet... it has to be considered.... So, I ended up doing a bit of a double dip. I asked what their best sub was, and was told that the steak and cheese was the most popular, so figured I'd try that. I did not expect an original Philly-style cheesesteak, but.. was hopeful. I added a slice of pepperoni.

The prices are good for what you get. An 8" sub is $4.69. If you are definitely hungry, you can move up to a 16" for $9.29.

The sub comes on a nice soft, split top roll with a slightly crispy crust to it. The steak is advertised as shaved ribeye, and it is tender and tasty. No grizzle in this batch, which was nice. The provolone was good, though if I go back I think I'd ask to double cheese. There is no mayo, which tends to be a frequent addition to too many sandwiches around here. Overall, much better than expected, tasty, not exactly Philly quality, but I'd go back for it. Quick service, clean place, good price. Thanks, Miller's, that was nice.

Now, I also had a slice of the pepperoni pizza. Um... not nearly as good as the sub. Seemed like kind of the no-name, generic mall pizza you can get in numerous places. My biggest issue, though, was the sauce. It tasted like it was mostly just tomato paste, and I'd have liked a bit more seasoning in the sauce. I definitely won't go back for the pizza, much less the pizza buffet.

The verdict: 2.25 belly rubs (out of 5). Clean, bright and good value. Nice sub, but below average pizza.

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