Thursday, October 14, 2010

El Pastorcito review

Boy has it been busy lately. I'm tied in with the sales cycle now as part of my job, and... that can have some serious peaks when we're proposing something.....

So, not much being posted here lately... and, we ate in a bit more, and the eating out we did lately has been more run-of-the mill, or not really stuff that cries out for a review. I will mention two things:

  • Pizza Hut - I still do love your pan crust
  • Rock Bottom Brewery - I keep getting dragged to you with work, and your Sonoma Chicken Wrap is truly miserable. So dry, it was like airport food, but worse. The tortilla is almost as thick as flatbread, and while your wrap is loaded with chicken, the whole thing is so dry, it was like I was grinding saw dust with my molars

Anyhow, went to El Pastorcito for the 2nd time this week, meeting up with a few friends there for lunch. WIBIA and Indianapolis Amy both have reviewed El Pastorcito, and their recommendations of this place got me interested.

First off, this place has an extensive line of tacos. They are the traditional style tacos, it seems, being served on two corn tortillas. Their are about 10 different meat options you can choose from, including flank steak, chorizo, chicken, goat and... brain. On my first visit I had the carnitas, flank steak, chorizo and goat. And, I tell ya - get the goat. That's some tasty protein. Now, I am a gringo that prefers flour tortillas over corn, but the overall taco is very good, and the pico that comes with it is a great, fresh addition.

On my most recent visit this week, one of funny items was from one of my friends who is a British ex-patriate. He mentioned that some of the mad cow issues had come from brains being fed to cows in England (can't confirm veracity). Needless to say, he didn't get the brain taco.

I tried the carnitas in green chile sauce. Good stuff. The meat was tende, but had a nice crust to it, the green chile sauce was flavorful, but not very hot. There was a load of flour tortillas to go with it, and sides of rice and beans for just $6.99. One of my cohorts had the huevos rancheros, and the medium fried eggs had a load of a nice looking, chunky red sauce on it. The other had a burrito, which I think I should go back for. It came with a side of rice and a pile of shredded lettuce, and it was about 80% the size of a Qdoba/Chipotle burrito. And, it is just $4.99. You can pick from any of the meats that go into a taco for your burrito, so lots of choice.

El Pastorcito is a clean, simple little place offering good value and good grub. The tacos are especially loaded with meat. If you're fine with a little taqueria, this place is a good stop. I really enjoy Mexican food in general, but I do trend more towards Tex-Mex than the more traditional Mexican spots.

The verdict: 3.75 belly rubs (out of 5). Great value, quick service, good portion size.

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wibia said...

I really liked the tacos here...the goat is my favorite. However, everything else has been hit and miss. I will never eat the brain taco again...