Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sam's Gyros review

After burning some calories at the Jordan branch YMCA, what should I do? Well, I should eat all those calories back in (or more) by stopping for a quick lunch at Sam's Gyros. I really enjoy Greek/Mediterranean food, but I don't typically get gyros. And, from my previous visits to Sam's, I was underwhelmed. But, I wanted to try it again, and figured it would fit the time window I had available.

If you've been through Broad Ripple much, you know Sam's is on College at 54th Street, between the Army surplus store and what used to be Northside News Cafe. It is a well-worn place, welcoming and comfortable.

They have three standard lunch specials - a gyro salad, a gyro special, and a falafel special. On this visit, I went with the gyro special and had the spicy gyro. For one stuffed pita, some fries and a drink it is $7.50 before taxes.

While I was underwhelmed previously, on this visit, I found the spicy gyro really tasty. Lots of heat, and the taziki (sp?) sauce was chunky and decent. The pita bread is pretty thin, and seems to break too easily. But, overall, a tasty gyro. Is it great? No, but a good value. I really love the shwarma at Saffron Cafe as my favorite gyro-like sandwich in the area. This is a few first downs behind Saffron, but it is pretty good. The fries, on the other hand, are a waste. They're an out of the bag variety, which is common, but they are cheap and very unexceptional. For about the same cost, get the full gyro - which is two stuffed pitas. You'll leave much more full.

The verdict: 3 belly rubs (out of 5). Tasty, decent value, a bit better than average.

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