Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Coming attraction: Pei Wei in Indianapolis

While out doing another of our common weekend doubles (Lowes and Target) at Glendale, I noticed that one of the vacant spaces has a sign noting that it will soon be a Pei Wei restaurant. Pei Wei is a new casual dining chain from the PF Chang Bistro Inc. It's theme in the marketplace is Asian flavors, or, as they say - "Eat in five languages: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese". Some opinions about Pei Wei here.

It is, to me, a great sign that these flavors are becoming more common in the heartland that a chain like this can possibly do well. Maybe in the next ten years we'll see more of the flavors from the Indian sub-continent or the middle-east "chainified"... again, to me, that isn't a bad thing.

Pei Wei menu here.

I don't feel like making big philosophical statements about food on this blog. My approach really is "Taste good? Awright!"

There are, however, a few words that I have no interest in personally. This includes "foodie" and "authentic". While I may possibly have used "authentic" in a review (oops), I just find the notion of authenticity and food so boring (and, honestly, a bit elitist). Our tastes and appetites grow and evolve. So, too, do menus and food preparation techniques. You know what I don't care for all that much? "Authentic" Mexican food. But, you know what I love? Tex-Mex.

Okay, sorry about the mini-rant. Changing topics.... Go Reds!


Kim said...

I love Pei Wei and have been waiting for it for a long time! I'm a little surprised about the Glendale location though.

Indy Grub Review said...

I was a bit surprised, too, but I like having more options in the Glendale area. The stretch on 86th/82nd between Castleton Square and Keystone and the Crossing is already so full, so I like seeing more in the Glendale area.