Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bar-B Q Heaven review

On MLK Jr. Blvd. and about 25th Street, you'll find the retail location for Bar-B Q Heaven. From the mural on the side of the building, Bar-B Q Heaven has been open since 1952. They seem to have originally began as a retail location, but they've grown to a food distribution business as well. You can find Bar-B Q Heaven jars of sauce in some local grocery stores.

I stopped by recently after an appointment downtown, and took home a combo meal. I was hoping to get a combo of pulled pork and some rib tips, but... unfortunately, the combo at Bar-B Q Heaven is defined only as two (very large) ribs, and a half of a chicken. The combo meal also comes with two small sides, two slices of bread, and your preference of sauce (I went hot). A very large meal for a very respectable $8.88.

I find the food at Bar-B Q Heaven to be much like what you'd expect at a friends cookout. Only your friend has a serious set up for smoking the meat over wood. The ribs were meaty, large and a good mix between tender and a bit chewy. The chicken was huge, and the skin had gone somewhat crisp yet the meat was still tender. The hot sauce had a nice kick. The beans were pretty basic (no extra trimmings with the beans) but tasty. The cole slaw had some mustard in it, it seems, and it was decent. The cheap slices of white bread are perfect for sopping up more of the sauce. I had enough left over for the Better Half to have some of the breast meat with a salad for lunch the next day, too.

Overall, the value at Bar-B Q Heaven is high, though I don't necessarily crave the meat or sides. I'll go back, though, to taste the chopped pork and the rib tips. The interior of the store might put-off some since there are thick plexiglass walls between the employees and the customers, and you pay through a slot, but..... it is decent 'cue and will fix a jones for smoked meat.

The verdict: Good barbecue, good value, average sides. 3.5 belly rubs (out of 5).


Brent said...

I'm not sure I'm ever hungry enough to get out of my car to eat a place on 25th and MLK, but I am always interested in BBQ places around Indy.

Indy Grub Review said...

It is for the stout of heart.... ha.... I'd actually recommend Hank's Smoked Brisket about 10 blocks north over Bar-B Q Heaven.... seems a bit safer there, too.