Thursday, December 16, 2010

Steer-In review

Peering over at Indy Restaurant Scene's blog, some people take breakfast pretty seriously. I mean, I guess I do too... but, I find my breakfast tends to be the time I typically show the most restraint and, hopefully, good judgement. Lots of yogurt, granola, berries and Raisin Nut Bran on a typical basis... but.... well, we all have to indulge sometimes, right?

The historic Steer-In is over on the east side, at 5130 E. 1oth Street. It is an old drive-in restaurant with a lot of history - it was originally built by the Laughner family, who used to have a string of cafeterias.

I had been to the Steer In before, but it has been a long time. So, the Better Half and I met up with mom for a late breakfast last Saturday.

First off, the place is just sooooo cool looking. A complete step back in time, and I feel like it would be a great location in a Quentin Tarantino film. It is a full service restaurant with a wide menu of typical item from breakfast to lunch to dinner. I have only had breakfast at the Steer In, but from looking at a neighbor's Reuben sandwich, I'd like to go back and try theirs....

I had one of the skillets - the fiesta. It was loaded with the potatoes, peppers, some sausage and two eggs over medium on top. I added in a side of sausage gravy for my biscuit, and it was good but not great. The meal ended up something like $8.79 with the $1.99 for the side of gravy, but it is a big, filling breakfast. It is pretty typical of what you'd expect from a good diner breakfast, with the emphasis on good. The diner is clean, the service is efficient, the food arrives fast. And, it has a counter, which seems a pre-requisite for a diner.

The verdict: Great venue, good value, good food - what you expect, when you expect good from a diner - 4 belly rubs (out of 5).

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