Thursday, December 2, 2010

Great Cooks The Bakery review

This review would definitely have been more timely if it had come BEFORE Thanksgiving... but anyhow.....

I have been driving by this plaza where Great Cooks The Bakery is for a long time. I didn't notice it for most of that time, but finally it caught my eye. Great Cooks is at 86th Street and Ditch Road, in the plaza at the SE corner of that intersection. Having lots of company expected over the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to go try them out early. And, it is a great little bakery.

There is still a sign for "Great Cooks at Home" on the other (North) side of 86th Street. Apparently that is the old location, when Great Cooks started as more of a catering business. I am not sure if they still cater, but they are now a bakery with soups and sandwiches available.

I realize that bakeries can be hit and miss based on availability of products, the season and individual preference. But, almost everything we tried in 2 visits within 3 days was great. The chocolate and raspberry rugelach (sweet, buttery, Jewish crescent rolls) are out of this world. In fact, I may stop tonight and get some more for company this weekend. The staff is friendly, the cases are brimming with selection, the sweets are delectable. The only thing I didn't care for was the pumpkin roll-up, which was a bit too "perfumey" in taste for me.

Anyhow, Great Cooks the Bakery is a very nice local bakery. Give them a shot.

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Leslie said...

They are right across the street from me. One day I went in there LOOKING CRAZY. It had been a rough day. I said "I NEED CHOCOLATE!" They hooked me up with the gooiest chocolatey confection ever. Ahhh.