Friday, December 10, 2010

Little Caesars and value

Wednesday, dinner ended up being quite late, so we decided to just grab something fast rather than cook. It has been ages since I tried a Little Caesars pizza, and this whole idea of a $5 "hot and now" pizza seemed like something to try. We took home a large sausage pizza for a grand total of $5.45 right as this location closed at 9:00 p.m.

The pizza is... okay. I am sure that it would be quite a bit better if it was fresh, so if you can time that, it is likely a really good deal. For instance, the next day at lunch, I ran out and grabbed a foot-long chipotle chicken sub at Subway and made it the combo. That cost me $9.97. Now, I realize that the Subway locations have some liberty in pricing and I could have gotten that week's $5 foot long, but... wow. $10 for a meal at Subway? That just seems way too expensive.

Anyhow, the pizza at Little Caesars isn't very good. It is even worse if you want to re-heat it later. But,... $5 for a large? If you're feeding a large group fast, especially if they're kids, well.... that'll make your money go a long way.

You know what else is also amazing? Mike Illitch, who started Little Caesars, owns both the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers. Wow. Make all the jokes about Detroit's economy or real estate (the old Silver Dome sold for the crazy low price of just over $500,000), but that is amazing that his pizza chain led to these other businesses.

Now, in the holiday season, there is a lot of shopping going on. We are doing even more as we prepare a room for our baby. So, I've been making some interesting finds while shopping......

Perhaps for the man that has everything? Including active follicles on his back.....

Was this perhaps an attempt at trying to produce the least politically correct doll ensemble possible?

I don't know, but one of these things just does not seem like the others (or as historically significant).....

Have a good weekend!

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