Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday message

No, this isn't about world peace - it is about diet soda. Now, if you listen to much sports radio, you might know that Colin Cowherd beats this drum already, but... if you want to drink a diet soda, try Fresca. No, it is definitely not the most manly drink out there, but... it's fresh and tasty! And, I think the thing that really helps it is that there is no full calorie alternative to compare it to. No matter what you tell me, I'm not going to like Diet Pepsi more than a real Pepsi. But, Fresca is just in diet, and... it stands well on its own.

Mike Wilbon has left the Washington Post to go to ESPN full time. A nice final column here.

Dan Lebatard has some great and interesting topics as a writer and commentator. His show producer did a segment as a phony character - Mark Hackman - commenting on the LeBron stuff for a Cleveland radio station. If you heard it or take the time - Hambuerguesa Con Queso!

Xavier Nuez has been to Indy for Broad Ripple Art Fair as well as a featured show at the Indianapolis Art Center. Love his urban shots. Anyhow, having spent 7 years in NE Ohio/Cleveland, I really like this recent shot from the Cuyahoga River.

Found this song by Bloc Party, "I Still Remember" related to a Neon Trees song. Nice.

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