Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some more links

I really enjoy New York Magazine's weekly "New York Diet" column. I have certainly not been to NYC that often, not been to basically any of the places that get mentioned, but I just find it interesting. Most are absolutely unattainable as a week of eating to me because the guest columnists are typically all from a higher tax bracket than me, but nevertheless they are usually somewhat interesting. Jeffrey Steingarten, who I mostly only know as a common judge on Iron Chef, had a pretty interesting one last Friday, especially for his comments on coffee geekism and Brooklyn boosterism.

This is one from Anthony Bourdain from earlier in the summer. From it, I was caused to look up the chef Gabrielle Hamilton, and I love this piece she wrote - mostly cause I just get really annoyed by the people who try to be so high minded and flowery about local food. Yeah, that's great, I get it. But, come on, I want strawberries in February, sweet corn in March and new potatoes in April.

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