Thursday, September 23, 2010

Saigon review

While this is not along the lines of a Mr. Obvious revelation like "the sky is blue", I feel like I'm stating the obvious when I tell you - Saigon restaurant on the near West side is really good!

The Better Half really likes Vietnamese food, so we've tried a handful around the city. She was a bit spoiled from 6 years in Toronto and the great, little authentic places in the Asian neighborhoods, so we've had a bit of a struggle in matching the easily found quality that Toronto had to offer. So, after finally getting to Saigon twice now, it is definitely the top of the small collection here in Indianapolis in our opinion.

While the Better Half loves the bun dishes....

I really prefer rice-based dishes.....

And, we both love the grilled pork spring rolls.....

But, most importantly, Saigon serves a great example of the Banh Mi, or Vietnamese sandwich. The Bahn Mi is served on a small French loaf, with just the best marinated grilled pork that I think you'll find in the city. There are multiple ways to build this sandwich, but our favorite is the straight forward one with just the grilled pork. Some additional fish sauce and hoisin, along with the herbs and carrot-radish "slaw" and.... Mmmmmmmm..... fantastic. [Sorry, tore into this one before taking the picture]

The Better Half was really craving a Banh Mi this week, so we stopped in on Monday. But, alas, they were out of the bread. Another couple arrive after us and also were not able to get the Banh Mi. When the owner came back around, I mentioned something about the sandwich, and I think he was initially annoyed thinking I was complaining about the lack of the bread. Actually, what I suggested to him was if he'd ever considered having a food cart serving nothing BUT the Banh Mi at a downtown corner. He didn't seem to keen on it, but.... this sandwich is just $4. It's a fantastic deal.

Saigon has fantastic flavors, great value (most entrees under $8) and really no flaws that I can think of.

The verdict: 5 belly rubs (out of 5). Tastes great, great value.

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