Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Recap

We ran up to Chicago to visit one of the Better Half's cousins and go to a wedding. The wedding was way up North in Libertyville, but we stayed in La Grange. Overall, it was a wonderful weekend with some splendid fall temperatures. We didn't do any special eating for the most part, sadly. The folks where we stayed seemed to have their own little war chest from Trade Joe's, so it didn't seem like this was the family to suggest a visit to Hot Doug's or Mustard's Last Stand.

[Note - I mean the Mustard's Last Stand in Evanston, IL, right by the Northwestern U. football field. There apparently is a Mustard's Last Stand hotdog cart in Indy.... huh... Per Google, there looks to also be one in Denver. I assume none of these are related in any formal way, but I wonder if someone just found the name a good one to borrow? This might be a good case for some investigative reporting or.... nah.... whatever]

Anyhow, we did stop at Millennium Park on our way out of Chicago and over to the Skyway. Love the bean.

But, finally, on our way back to Indy, we did stop at the Portillo's in Merrillville. The Italian Beef there is just great.

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