Thursday, September 2, 2010

Product Review: Whoopie Pie (from farmer's market)

Working from the downtown library yesterday morning (a.k.a - Indy's most expensive homeless daycare facility), and stopped by the downtown farmer's market. Picked up some sweet corn, an eggplant (made baba ganoush last night), a seedless watermelon, and some cherry tomatoes. But, I was also wanting to pick up something sweet, and decided to pick up a Whoopie Pie from the booth from Kuns Kountry Kitchen (appear to be Amish or Mennonite folks that have this booth).

I then picked up a friend who I had introduced to Papa Roux, and we made a dash out there for a ginormous Po Boy (by the way, Papa Roux is now open for supper on Thursdays as well as Fridays). So, later in the afternoon, I stopped at the downtown Border's to grab some Wi-Fi, and I tried the Whoopie Pie.

Before talking about the baked good, I do need to mention that I just don't really get the quaint charm of misspelling, like with the word "Kountry". And when your initials come out to K-K-K, well.... I think that is something I'd try to avoid and keep to the correct spelling. Now on to the Whoopie Pie.

This thing is SWEET. I mean it is literally really sweet. The cake is tasty and was fresh, but my goodness... the cream filling was light in consistency, but it was like pure powdered sugar in creamy foam form. I love sweets, but this was actually a bit too much - I couldn't even finish this palm sized morsel. It was certainly the best whoopie pie I'd ever had, but... it may well have been the first I've had.

A tasty treat, for sure, but more than really wanting to rate this item, I just want to give a shout out to the farmers market. I'm not some big proponent of purely local and organic - more so, I just like the sense of community that these little markets bring to a city. And, again, more than being militant about "organic", I'm more a fan of foods that are fresh and whole.

Did you realize that there is a Whoopie Pie Festival? It's over in Pennsylvania, and if a state can be underrated, it is Pennsylvania. The place is just rolling and beautiful from border to border, and so much history that dates back to our birth as a nation.

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