Monday, August 30, 2010

Yummy's Grill

I found myself on the East side at lunch time last Friday, so I decided to stop in at a location I've been noticing for a few years (Mom lives on the East side). Yummy's Grill is on Post Road and 10th Street, very close to my early stomping grounds out by Warren Central High School (Go Warriors!). Yummy's is in one of several old Roslyn Bakery locations, but it definitely seems to have "stuck" as I think it has been here for a few years now.

[I really need to clean the windshield!]

It seems somewhat counter-intuitive to say that I like that Yummy's has one of those almost comically expansive menu's. The items are numbered, and I believe the integers made their way into the 70s. This seems kind of contradictory to the idea of "sticking to your knitting" or doing one thing really well, but it reminded me of a lot of the small grills in places like Chicago.

Anyhow, I had one goal, and that was to try their Italian Beef sandwich.

I really enjoyed this sandwich. The special, with drink and fries, came in at $7.75. The sandwich was about 6" long, but loaded with tender, juicy, sliced roast beef. The bread was from a French loaf, not your own roll, but it was crusty, flaky and yet soft inside. The sandwich was salty, but that was what i was hoping for and expecting. The giardineria peppers are a treat, and if I could change one thing, I'd have asked for more of them. The fries were from a bag and very average.

I was thinking of this place compared to Fat Dan's Deli in Broad Ripple... and, really, I'd pick Yummy's overall. While I might have just had a really bad french fry experience at Dan's, this sandwich stacks up favorably, and if location and travel isn't part of the decision, I'd rather get this combo for $7.75 than the nearly $12 at Fat Dan's.

The verdict: 4 belly rubs (out of 5). A great sandwich at a good price.

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