Thursday, August 5, 2010


Since starting this blog, it has really been obvious to me how my old, yet untested idea of a cheap lunch is really hard to find. Maybe I need to contact Leonard Nimoy and see if he wants to partner on a cooking reality show - In Search of: The $5 lunch.

(by the way, I used to love the In Search Of series.... especially with the synthesizer-based theme song)

Well, from my experience, it is really hard to find. Our work team recently went to Rock Bottom Brewery two times at lunch for group events, and... my goodness, they really don't seem to even have a lunch menu there. I wanted to eat lean before a big bike ride, so to have some salmon, I ended up with a $18 lunch. Not good for the wallet. Luckily, I do bring my lunch to work 2-3x a week, and the PBJ on Brownberry bread is a bargain, friends.....

Anyhow, for some decent barbecue, you can find a nice, cheap lunchtime meal at the either Squealers location.

First off, I like Squealers barbecue. I think the pulled pork and the brisket are both consistent and of above average quality. The sauces (two: sweet or hot) are both good, though I'd be happy with a bit more heat in the hot. Best of all, Monday through Friday, you can find some great deals from their lunch specials. Most days, you can get a sandwich and chips from the specials menu for $4.99. Get water, and you've got a bargain. Sure, as a restaurant with table service, you should leave the server a tip, but it is overall a good value. I usually get the beans with a sandwich, which ends up taking you to about $6, but... I really enjoy the beans, which have some meat scraps thrown in.

I like Pita Pit fine, and I keep hammering on this point, but their combo (pita, chips, and a drink) is over $9, and if you want hummus you'll crest $10. The special at Squealers, even with soda and a tip can keep you at about the same level, and it is a local "chain" (two locations) if that matters to you.

The verdict: 4 belly rubs (out of 5). Good 'cue, better value.

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wibia said...

I really like their beans as well. I have had some good meals there... now... have I had better in othe rparts of the country..sure, but they are far better than most chain bbq.