Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Product Review: Swedish Sweets

When we were over at the Ikea in Cinci two weekends ago, I had to pick up some new chocolate bars (note, as a Canadian, the Better Half calls them "chocolate bars", but I grew up calling them "candy bars"... these are some of the very small differences I find interesting aboot speaking "American" v. "Canadian").

I've been lucky enough to travel quite a bit internationally, and this is one of my favorite things to do - sample and see what they do in various parts with local chocolate bars. Once my path intersected with the Better-Half-to-be, she mentioned how she felt the Canadian Kit Kat tasted better/different than the American one. And, later, I believe at a time that coincided with the Irish Fest in Indy (coming in September), I read about differences between US and UK chocolate bars... so, I picked up some UK chocolates at the Irish Fest, such as the Curly Wurly! Anyhow, this has dovetailed nicely with my interest in new food products, so I am often picking up new chocolate bars.

So, upon checking out of Ikea, I picked up the two new bars. The Daim bar is a lot like a Heath or Skor bar. But, instead of the toffee, it is more of a caramel flavor. Or, as the Wiki page puts it - a butter almond bar. I liked it, but... I prefer a Heath. The Mint Choko was basically mint flavored Rolo, and I really enjoyed it.

If you find any of this interesting, check out the Kit Kat wiki page - check out the huge list! It really is amazing how much variation they have with this bar across the world. Or, check out this article from Ad Age about the Kit Kat varieties in Japan. And, if you have any interest in chocolate bars from the UK, this review site looks like a very comprehensive and devoted site.

More on some Canadian products later this week. But, look at what I picked up for my shelf at work.... aren't these McFarlane products cool? This is an essential item for a Purdue fan!

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