Friday, August 20, 2010

Mudbugs and Gumbo A Go Go

Across the last two weeks, I've made visits to both of these places. I've not gone looking for Cajun food in any other cities besides New Orleans and Baton Rogue, so I'm not sure if Indy has an out of proportion Cajun representation for a Midwest city or not, but it is kind of surprising how MUCH Cajun food we have.

I really love Papa Roux for po boys and Yats for the etouffes and other "stews" there. Can't wait for Bar Yats to open, and to see what menu variations they'll have of Cajun classics.

We made our first visit to Mudbugs Cajun Cafe recently and... there is no need for us to go back. There are too many options out there now. We arrived in the evening, and it was slow, but I don't really find that an excuse, even if they do more business at lunch (which I'm not sure of). But, it was well within the supper window, despite there only being two other tables occupied. Between three of us, we tried many items. The gumbo was weak and tasted like it had coffee in it. The Red Beans and Rice were good once enough hot sauce was on it. The Crawfish Casserole was cheesy but too soft and gummy. The Black-Eyed Pea Jambalaya was interesting in name, but not very good in reality. Worst of all, the rice was not good. In fact, it was kind of crunchy. Rice is basic, a staple, but you should be able to execute it consistently. Just not good, no need to return.

The Mudbugs verdict: 1 belly rub (out of 5).

I've been to Gumbo A Go Go several times, and I like it quite a bit. I think it is a bit more expensive than it needs to be for the full serving, but the food is consistent and with increased visits it is getting into competing-with-Yats territory for me. On my most recent visit, I wanted to try the sandwiches more. So, I had both the Datwich (turkey) and the Beef Debris (juicy, shredded roast beef). And... They're really good. The bread is crusty yet soft. While the turkey from the Datwich is kind of gloppy and almost too minced, it has a fantastic flavor. The roast beef maintains is shredded form much better, but I wanted some hot sauce to add some heat and vinegar to it. I really like most of their dishes, especially the voodoo chicken. The gumbo is warm, savory, lots of pepper, and full of chicken and sausage.

When comparing the two, I still place Yats above Gumbo A Go Go due to their superior etouffes.

The Gumbo A Go Go verdict: 4 belly rubs (out of 5).

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wibia said...

Agree with everything above. I would agree with the "we have a lot of cajun food in Indy." Zydecos and the two in Avon were not even listed here.