Monday, August 2, 2010

Taco Bell Cantina Tacos

Taco Bell has jumped on the wave of offering street tacos. Seems like a pretty early adopter rate for a big chain to get in on a food trend. So, on a quick grab from the office, I tried two of them today.

The new Cantina Tacos look right.

As you can see, Taco Bell's marketing staff has allowed the Cantina Tacos to be served in a simple square of aluminum foil. And, really, that's kind of an amazing thing, that they don't have the logo on the foil. The tacos are served on two corn tortillas, and each one comes with its own small wedge of lime. Looking right doesn't necessarily mean it tastes great, though. I am a fan of Taco Bell, and I applaud them in being one of the few places I can easily go and get a lunch for less than $5 (hey, I like the bean burrito). The Cantina Tacos are .... okay. The steak and carnitas were both okay, in line with the food at the Bell. I didn't put on any sauce, which would have helped. Something crunchy would also have been really nice. One taco is $1.75, and you can get 3 for less than $5. So, really, they're very much in line with the price you pay at West Coast Tacos, but.... not nearly as tasty.

I'd be really surprised if the Cantina Tacos are really popular. For one thing, I think that most folks aren't used to street tacos and would prefer flour over the corn tortillas. Anyhow, not a bad effort....

The verdict: 1.5 belly rubs (out of 5). Looks right.....

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