Thursday, November 4, 2010


Heading to Cincinnati for a long weekend... anyone have any good grub recommendations?

So, the Better Half is expecting. Pretty exciting times. She's past 30 weeks already, so... it's getting close. I am dubious about how much blogging happens once the baby is here, but... that's for a later decision.

We are now shopping for a lot of things, so... today's pictures come with questions:

Is this Military Surplus Store (body armor) or Babies R Us (baby sling)?


"protective enclosure" or "cage"?

Everyone - have a good weekend.


Anne said...

I recommend the Dilly Cafe:

Great food plus a shop with large selection of wine,beer, cheese, etc.

The cafe is in a cute section of Cincinnati called Mariemont. Lots of great shops to browse.

Unrelated to Cincinnati,but pertaining to a previous post of yours, a restaurant called "Hue" is taking over the "Taste of Tango" restaurant:

Tom said...

we made a trip to Ikea and Jungle Jim's this summer... A Taste of Julia's was pretty awesome on the road to the latter - soul / home food style grub, if you enjoy that kinda thing. The sweet potato casserole was especially amazing & my wife has requested that I try to duplicate it for Thanksgiving.

And might I add, Jungle Jim's is friggin awesome and I wish we lived closer!!

Tom said...

oh - I've also heard good things about, but have never tried it (it is more downtown):


Anonymous said...

hit up Jungle Jims and just eat everything in sight!! I have spent entire days there... And if you say, "what's jungle jims?" I will hunt you down and smack you.